Green Building

We, at Willamette Roofing, are enthusiastic participants in the Green Movement. We feel that we should all do our part to protect the ecological balance of the earth by using renewable and sustainable recources whenever possible, conserving energy, and eliminating unnecessary waste and pollution.

In the spirit of Green Building, we have become experts in the installation of cool metal roofing. Metal roofing reduces energy use associated with heating and cooling which, of course, translates to lower energy costs for the homeowner, as well. Metal roofing also helps mitigate what is known as the "heat island effect," a common phenomemon in urban areas. And metal roofing is long-lasting (eliminating the need for future raw materials), is made from recycled content, and is recyclable itself after its useful life.

When it comes to modern, environmentally-friendly construction, Willamette Roofing has become THE roofing contractor to call in the state of Oregon.

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